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Lake by the Ocean with Maxwell

Maxwell, so happy to have you back. Lake by the Ocean is soulful, melodic, and smooth. Maxwell's voice is a welcomed presence among the harsh realities of life. It is a voice we can get lost in even if it is for a measly three minutes. I am trying not to be upset about this every 7 year album release though. I mean, really. 2009 was the last album release. If this single is any indication of what to expect from the album, I am not-so-patiently waiting for the release. 

The Brandy Medley

Cameron J Henderson does these funny videos with Starrkeisha. Yes, I know, another guy in a dress. That aside, the brother can sing. I like to post stuff that makes me smile, adds to my stress relief and I have to say this Brandy Medley he put together does just that. I love Miss Brandy so his voice and her music his like cake and cream cheese icing. On a side note, Brandy's show on BET, Zoe Ever After , took a few episodes to grow on me, but now that it has, I am looking forward to it making a return.

Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman  The best thing about Batman V Superman was Wonder Woman! Now that chick was impressive. This is one of those movies that is redeemed by the ending. I can definitely say that I was skeptical about Ben Affleck as Batman but for the direction they went, he was actually quite good. He was brooding, dark and menacingly silent. The tortured soul. Henry Cavill as Superman is not my favorite. He is nice to look at, but I have been turned off from the so so remake. At any rate, he is solid in the characterization of Superman. He too played the role as it was designed. The things I did not love: drawn out build of the back story. I get we had to have a believable reason why Batman hated Superman but sheesh! Did it have to take so long?  the brooding Batman. Again, I get it but he was all gloom and doom for far too long.  dream sequences. Now, I appreciate a good dream sequence like any true scifi lover would but these were ... well, just not that great. They f