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Mea Culpa by Tyler Perry is a Beautiful Disaster

Mea Culpa Mea Culpa, produced, written, and directed by Tyler Perry, is making quite a splash on social media. Released on Netflix the film stars Kelly Rowland and Mea Harper, Trevante Rhodes as Zyair Malloy, RonReaco Lee as Jimmy, and Nick Sagar as Ray. The story follows Mea, a defense attorney, who takes on a high-profile murder case in the defense of Zyair. A couple of things to get out of the way. Nick Sagar looked so familiar to me, then I realized he was in the Princess Switch. However, his being the love interest in the Princess Switch movies with Vanessa Hudgens would have been the farthest thought from my mind because the characters were so different. But yet, he is one and the same; good job on him. If you haven’t watched the Princess Switch movies on Netflix, you should but only if you enjoy cute, corny Lifetime Christmas movies. There’s three of them and they are sickeningly corny and cute. Secondly, this whole review is going to be spoiler-filled so if you think you are go