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Stress Less Tip 11: Wake Up

Wake Up! Reality bites, soothes and reverses trapped only to be free in the moment photo by Artem Sapegin Hush Kids has this song, Wake Up, that I feel expresses the state we may find ourselves in sometimes without even being aware. "What have I missed sleepwalking like this. Seems like a high price to pay. All the lights in the screens are they just a disease. Always on, calling my name. I wanna wake up." -Hush Kids, Wake Up There are times when we are moving through life without really being aware of the things around us. Work and responsibilities and the computer and television or our phones have consumed us to the point that we are not really living but floating through one moment to the next. I do not blame technology at all. I blame myself. I blame my lack of self-awareness and mindful living. Am I awake? When do I really unplug and enjoy the moment? Carpe diem seems so cliche and because of this we throw it away and take it for granted. Still, I have to