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Have Coffee with Kelly Rowland

What are you listening too? I am jamming to Kelly Rowland's Coffee Listen there was so much coffee up in her video that I was in awe. It is a beautiful display of melanin magnificence. Kelly Rowland is giving us so much sex appeal in this bad boy. She got her melanin glistening in the sun with barely hidden boobs clad in sheer white. Whether you like your coffee black or with creme, the video got you.  Pardon my sincerity You know I'm a rarity My love be your therapy All around remedy Baby, who instead of me? - Coffee, Kelly Rowland My favorite part of her lyrics. We better recognize how awesome we are! In a relationship, we should be each other's remedy. If you are not bringing healing and growth to the table then about-face and get your butt out of here. The melody and smooth feel is a nice flow. This is a smooth sexy single.

Embracing my Grays

How is it that on some men grey hairs can be sexy and distinguished but on women, they are seen as negative and something to get rid of? I am so over that, and I am also over coloring my hair every four to five weeks because my new gray hairs are aggressive. Visit @litevi on Instagram I normally use henna to cover them and it works great. The stubborn greys that I have covered before are still that love reddish color. However, the new growth demands attention. I probably never would have even started covering them if it were not for the fact that they are right in front of my head and I notice when people are talking to me, their eyes focus on my grayish hairline rather than my eyes. It made me a bit self-conscious. Couple that will the fact that there is a stigma attached to gray hair like being old and unkempt. Who wants to be old and unkempt? Before all of this COVID stuff happened and people found themselves not having easy access to barbers and beauty salons, I had long de

Do You Believe in Magic?

What are you listening to? I am always listening to a little bit of this and a little bit of that. This time around my little bit of that is Laura Mvula. She is a British singer with three albums that I have spent quite some time binging on. There are so many singles of hers that I absolutely love and I feel capture our spirit and emotions in action. Her voice and melodies are soothing and stirring all at the same time. I have many favorites from her but her cover of Coldplay's Magic is phenomenal. I just love love love her version. I am a true romantic at heart and the lyrics to this song tug at my sentimental side (yes, I do have one). I have been in love and remember what that true love feels like. Mvula's version of this song reminds me of that. Love is definitely magic and when you hold on to it and continue to believe in it, there is always hope. Even when you have lost love, we should never let go of the belief that we can love again or be loved in return. It is a b

Do Not Crumble

"We are built for disaster. We are also built for the births and deaths and work and anniversaries and holidays and relocations. We humans have lived with danger since we first walked upright and formed villages that needed protection, and we have natural inborn capacities for coping with that danger. The coping, however, comes at a high cost- worth the price if it saves our lives, but too costly to overuse or abuse. We must learn to appreciate it and preserve it. And the first step is to understand it." -Georgia Witkin Image David Mark There is no better time to take my own stress management advice than now. Normally, people go through stressful situations in an isolated event, meaning that it is happening to that individual and she has to find a way to cope with it internally by finding strength within, but equally as important, support for her community and/or support team. However, as we find ourselves in the midst of dealing with COVID19, the whole world is dealing

I See You Movie Review

Ever watch a movie and after you are done, you ask yourself why didn't you watch this sooner? That is how I felt after watching I See You, starring Helen Hunt and Jon Tenney, now streaming on Amazon Prime. First off it was nice to see Helen Hunt. I know I have seen her in other projects but I mostly remember her from the movie Twister. I have been binging on quite a few movies and shows what with being on this COVID19 lockdown. Those reviews are forthcoming. The first of which is I See You which I stumbled upon quite by accident. The Amazon description framed it as an investigative thriller. However, the first ten minutes or so make it appear to be a horror flick. I was not sure what I was getting in to. Nevertheless, it was intriguing enough to keep watching. The premise of I See You surrounds a well off family, obviously having some issues. Hubby, Greg, is sleeping on the couch, the wife, Jackie played by Helen Hunt, is trying to make amends for cheering it seems, and the

Don't Be Derailed

The last time I made a blog post was almost two months ago. I have been derailed. As we take note of the current COVID19 situation, it is as if life is at a standstill. We cannot go out. A majority of us cannot go to work. Students have switched to virtual school. We are unable to interact and connect physically. In addition, the community at large has to deal with a level of anxiety related to the effects of this novel disease. All that creates a perfect atmosphere for derailment. This has really taken a toll on the country since the beginning of March. Other parts of the world have been dealing with this since early January and still have not been able to move fully recover. I, on the other hand, have been trying to move on from my own personal issues not remotely related to the Coronavirus since early January which now has been compounded with COVID19. Life happens. Unexpected situations that throw us for a loop. Sometimes those life situations get multiplied and even more compl