Do Not Crumble

"We are built for disaster. We are also built for the births and deaths and work and anniversaries and holidays and relocations. We humans have lived with danger since we first walked upright and formed villages that needed protection, and we have natural inborn capacities for coping with that danger. The coping, however, comes at a high cost- worth the price if it saves our lives, but too costly to overuse or abuse. We must learn to appreciate it and preserve it. And the first step is to understand it." -Georgia Witkin
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There is no better time to take my own stress management advice than now. Normally, people go through stressful situations in an isolated event, meaning that it is happening to that individual and she has to find a way to cope with it internally by finding strength within, but equally as important, support for her community and/or support team. However, as we find ourselves in the midst of dealing with COVID19, the whole world is dealing with an overwhelmingly stressful situation with multiple layers. The people that we usually turn to for support may not be available because they have to deal with their own brand of stress. 

People are fearful of catching the virus. Some people are dealing with loss from the virus. Others are dealing with the loss of their job, freedom, and social connections. The isolation that we have to deal with is a real issue that affects our mental and emotional well being. Lastly, the healthcare workers that are on the front lines caring for people that succumb to the harsher effects of COVID19 with a lack of personal protective equipment have to deal with multiple layers of stress. They have to not only be concerned with caring for their patients but also with protecting themselves and their families that they have to go home to. 

Who do we turn to when it seems that everyone around us is dealing with their own situation? Everyone is dealing with some level of anxiety, stress, doubt, and uncertainty for the future. It may seem like the obvious answer but it is still and will always be each other. Technology allows us to maintain some form of communication with our loved ones. Take advantage of that and reach out to each other and support each other. Make each other smile and laugh. Share a corny joke or a funny story. 

My girlfriend recently called to share her good news with me and it was welcomed because it gave me something else fo focus on, even for a short time. I call my girlfriends to talk about absolutely nothing at all and everything happening at the same time. We laugh and also share our frustrations. Although it may seem bleak right now, we are built for this. We were made to survive and thrive and get stronger. I implore you not to ignore your needs during this difficult time. 

This pandemic is taking a toll on us. But like any stressful situation, you have to acknowledge how it is affecting you and make a conscious decision to combat it. Do not crumble. Regardless of how disturbed we may feel about the current situation, we cannot afford to crumble. Life will carry on. Do not crumble. Engage in life's activities purposefully. Most importantly, be present in each moment. Deal with each situation as it comes at you. Remember to breathe. Dance, jump, listen to music, write, stretch, make yourself a hot cup of tea, watch a comedy, etc. etc. Do whatever it is you need to do that will safely get you through this and do it with intention. 


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