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The Photograph Movie Review

The  Photograph starring Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield is a highly anticipated romantic drama for the Black community. I happen to enjoy a good romance whether it is in books, the silver screen or the big screen. The Photograph takes place after a renowned photographer, Christina Eames, dies leaving her daughter, Mae played by Issa Rae, a letter about her life and one to be delivered to her father. The film juxtaposes Christina's past relationship with her ex against the the budding relationship Mae and Michael Block, played by Stanfield. The are so many bits and pieces that I enjoyed about this film. I enjoyed how they utilized duality to show contrast between the life the Christina ended up creating for herself against the life that she left behind. Christina though gone in present day was the most interesting character of the film. Noted Dualities - the scenery and contrast between New Orleans and New York were beautiful and bleak at the same time. The beauty in both loc