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Triggered: Tyre Nichols' Death

The Triggereing of America: Trye Nichols' Death Anyone else triggered by this. As well as the comments coming out by foolish, lost people. Just a freindly reminder from your stress managment coach to take a breath. 

The Benefits of Routine in Stress Management

The Benefits of Routine in Stress Management Life does not always go the way one plans and when it does there are inevitable detours, twists, and turns that can sometimes make us feel off-kilter and out of sorts. That feeling tends to create anxiety that is sometimes accompanied by uncertainty. That uncertainty has the potential to lead to fear, kicking off a cycle of anxiety and stress. Now, mindfulness and awareness and a stress management program can assist us with understanding and channeling that nervous energy which is usually an indication that our stress response has been activated.  Our stress response does not have to be a bad thing. Remember, our stress response is there to help us get through these challenging times. It is there for a reason. We can use it to get us to the next level. However, sometimes when you are in the middle of it, understanding that and doing what is needed can be hard to put together.  With consistency and reps and routine you're going to achieve