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Friends Can Help Alleviate Stress

Stress is a sneaky little bugger. It can start off as a great motivator but left unchecked and unmanaged it can lead to chronic stress that we may not even be aware of. We end up reacting to the consequence such as increased health problems, shorter tolerance and even trouble with relationships. It is important that we manage stress and are aware of it's affect at all levels. When we have an awareness we can then work on improving situations in our life that will help to relieve stress. Good friends are just one of the things that can help combat the negative impact of stress on one's life. Web MD and other research sources site multiple benefits to a good friendships. Friends can be great motivators for healthy behavior. Positive and happy friends are infectious. Fellowship with friends help fight off depression. Keep in mind thought this is not about toxic people. Toxic "friends" can drain you and add even more stress. Be mindful of the people in your circle. B

Five Things I Learned from my Social Media Break

Most recently, I found that I was spending a little too much time on social media as if they were life links. Although they may seem like the keys to life they should not be the most significant aspects on my tree of life. I took a few weeks off from my most used social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Not a fake break, when we say we are taking a break but sneak back on a little less and never really did leave. I took a real break, deleting the apps off my phone and logging out from the internet for a solid two weeks. I was off for a third but I cheated a bit by logging back on line. I ultimately am planning my full return because I was no more productive in life than I was prior to taking this break. I have downloaded Twitter back on my phone. I will later do Instagram and I am not really rushing to get the Facebook app back although I have logged on over the internet. While off, I found it so easy to engage in other ways to fill up the now free social media ti