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With Every Heartbeat

With Every Heartbeat The hole looked small, too small Yet it was so big. It held so much His heart hurt. He wondered if the pain would stop He placed his hand over his chest, hoping that it wouldn’t He hoped the pain would rip right through him. He hoped for the impossible at this point. He closed his eyes tightly and wished that he could be folded up over and over again, so that he too may fit in the too small hole holding every hope and dream, snatched from the future. He realized that he should move People were staring at him, Waiting for him to turn and walk away He could not stop staring at the awful too small, unbelievable hole. A senior prom, graduation, wedding, and so much more were all stuffed in that hole All he could do was stare His heart skipped a beat and the pain forced him to look over His beautiful wife He had to move He had to move for her She would not move The hole held her heart too

Poison and Wine

Songs inspire me. Unfortunately, I have not been inspired in a while but Poison and Wine, featured on So You Think You Can Dance, caught my attention. It inspired me to write this Flash fiction. Poison and Wine She stared at him. On the outside, he looked liked her husband. He truly did. The lines of his features were the same ones she had grown to love over the years. His mouth curved ever so slightly into an awkward smile- the same smile that stole her breath away. He looked like the person who loved her more than he loved himself, the man that would dote on her and force her to relax when she pushed herself to hard. He looked like the man that vowed to always take care of her. Staring at him in the light streaming into her kitchen from the sun, she was not sure if he was that man anymore. She did not recognize him in the midst of the lies. He turned his head towards her but she quickly looked away. She did not want to get caught wondering about who was. He looked back down at

Super 8

Super 8 was number one at the box office this weekend, bringing in a little over $36 million dollars; however, it was disappointing. I cannot say that the movie was bad because it had some great moments. The kids had great chemistry together and, I have to say that their acting skills were on point. Together they were an entertaining crew. I think the thing that was a little underwhelming was the plot and the monster. As much as I love science fiction flicks, I am getting a little bored with the Alien's that we mistreat and won't let go home. Can we come up with something a little more creative. Actually, I would love to see The Event (recently cancelled television series with a great cast a crew) be made into a movie. Now that is an intriguing Alien-Human interaction. At any rate, Super 8 was enteratining enough to see on video, instead of the movies. I give it a C.

Go the F to Sleep

If " Go the F to Sleep " could be a coffee table book in my house, it would totally be there because it is so darn appropriate for the way I feel when trying to put my kids to bed at night. Samuel L. Jackson has been tapped to do the audio version and hearing him read it is also fitting because, let's be honest, who can curse better than Samuel L. Jackson. This is the perfect gift for a new parent or one that has a baby growing into the toddler years. It is a great way to laugh at our situation and hopefully relieve some of the tension that happens when we attempt to put our little ones to bed. Please, got the f*&k to sleep LOL.

Lupe Fiasco Crossroads: Part II Voter Apathy

This is part two. Please read Lupe Fiasco Crossroads: Part I Terrorism  first I will start this second post regarding my Lupe Fiasco issue by saying that his album is hot. His activism is admirable for someone so young and his passion is refreshing. Which are all reasons why I have huge, massive problem with his stance on voting. It is detrimental to our collective bargaining power. "I don't vote. No I don't vote. I don't get involved in politics. It's meaningless. To be honest," he said. "If I'm going to say I stand behind this person and write on a piece of paper that says, 'yeah I stand for this person,' then I have to take responsibility for everything he does cause that's just who I am as a human being. So politicians aren't going to do that because I don't want you to bomb some village in the middle of nowhere." –Lupe Fiasco I am disappointed and quite appalled in his voter apathy and excuse that he does not partici

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

In Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time , Jake Gyllenhaal got a bad rap for playing to role of Dastan and the film did not do as well as the producers had hope although it grossed over 90 million domestically. However, I thought Jake Gyllenhaal did a great job with the role and his chemistry with Gemma Arteton playing the role of Tamina was perfect for the film. It was an extremely entertaining movie with just the right amount of actions, intrigue and elements of surprise. Ben Kingsley, who I always love, also gave just the right amount of life to his character. All in all, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a perfect little movie to lose yourself in and enjoy.

Lupe Fiasco Crossroads: Part I Terrorism

Lupe Fiasco Crossroads: Part I Terrorism I am at a cross roads with Lupe Fiasco which is an improvement from how I felt about him directly after reading a couple of his quotes. After several discussions with some friends, my thoughts have mellowed out a bit. He stands by what he believes in action and through his music. In investigating a little further, he not only talks about what we can do that’s better for our community but he actually does it. Artist do and say many things that I do not agree with and his two quotes below aggravate me to no end, and I am not sure how to reconcile my views below with all the good that he does. “In my fight against terrorism, to me, the biggest terrorist is Obama, in the United States of America,” Fiasco said. “For me, I’m trying to fight the terrorism that’s actually causing the other forms of terrorism. The root causes of the terrorism is the stuff that the U.S. government allows to happen and the foreign policies that we have in place in d