Poison and Wine

Songs inspire me. Unfortunately, I have not been inspired in a while but Poison and Wine, featured on So You Think You Can Dance, caught my attention. It inspired me to write this Flash fiction.

Poison and Wine

She stared at him. On the outside, he looked liked her husband. He truly did. The lines of his features were the same ones she had grown to love over the years. His mouth curved ever so slightly into an awkward smile- the same smile that stole her breath away. He looked like the person who loved her more than he loved himself, the man that would dote on her and force her to relax when she pushed herself to hard. He looked like the man that vowed to always take care of her.

Staring at him in the light streaming into her kitchen from the sun, she was not sure if he was that man anymore. She did not recognize him in the midst of the lies. He turned his head towards her but she quickly looked away. She did not want to get caught wondering about who was. He looked back down at his plate and stabbed into his hot pancakes. She winced. Somewhere along the way, at some point in their journey, she had lost him. She tried to see him but she could not. Tears blurred her vision.

He’d been gone for so long. He was emaciated, eating her food and drinking her juice like a wild animal. The tract marks on his arms were fresh; the dirt under his fingernails old. He was broken. She tried to see him but she could not; nevertheless, she would feed him and with courage from up above, tell him to leave afterwards


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