With Every Heartbeat

With Every Heartbeat

The hole looked small, too small
Yet it was so big. It held so much
His heart hurt. He wondered if the pain would stop
He placed his hand over his chest, hoping that it wouldn’t
He hoped the pain would rip right through him.
He hoped for the impossible at this point.
He closed his eyes tightly and wished
that he could be folded up over and over again,
so that he too may fit in the too small hole
holding every hope and dream, snatched from the future.

He realized that he should move
People were staring at him,
Waiting for him to turn and walk away
He could not stop staring at the awful too small, unbelievable hole.
A senior prom, graduation, wedding,
and so much more
were all stuffed in that hole
All he could do was stare
His heart skipped a beat and the pain forced him to look over
His beautiful wife
He had to move
He had to move for her
She would not move
The hole held her heart too


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