Do You Believe in Magic?

What are you listening to?
I am always listening to a little bit of this and a little bit of that. This time around my little bit of that is Laura Mvula. She is a British singer with three albums that I have spent quite some time binging on. There are so many singles of hers that I absolutely love and I feel capture our spirit and emotions in action. Her voice and melodies are soothing and stirring all at the same time.

I have many favorites from her but her cover of Coldplay's Magic is phenomenal. I just love love love her version. I am a true romantic at heart and the lyrics to this song tug at my sentimental side (yes, I do have one). I have been in love and remember what that true love feels like. Mvula's version of this song reminds me of that.

Love is definitely magic and when you hold on to it and continue to believe in it, there is always hope. Even when you have lost love, we should never let go of the belief that we can love again or be loved in return. It is a beautiful and wonderful experience.

Check out her out on Youtube


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