Have Coffee with Kelly Rowland

What are you listening too?
I am jamming to Kelly Rowland's Coffee
Listen there was so much coffee up in her video that I was in awe. It is a beautiful display of melanin magnificence. Kelly Rowland is giving us so much sex appeal in this bad boy. She got her melanin glistening in the sun with barely hidden boobs clad in sheer white. Whether you like your coffee black or with creme, the video got you. 

Pardon my sincerity
You know I'm a rarity
My love be your therapy
All around remedy
Baby, who instead of me?
- Coffee, Kelly Rowland

My favorite part of her lyrics. We better recognize how awesome we are! In a relationship, we should be each other's remedy. If you are not bringing healing and growth to the table then about-face and get your butt out of here. The melody and smooth feel is a nice flow. This is a smooth sexy single.


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