Entertainment Podcast Update

Topics of discussion for the latest show include:

Record Breaking Box Office this weekend and J. Lo's flop of a movie El Cantante

There are a lot of recalls going on that may affect you. Take some time to visit Recalls.gov for more information

Usher Secretly Weds

Couple gives birth to 17th Kid

Nicole Richie to change her ways ... for a couple of days maybbe.

McDonald's can make veggies taste better according to a Stanford University Study

Bridge Collapse Pics from ABCnews.com

OJ's book, If I Did It, is being shopped around again and this time it's the Goldman's that trying to cash in.

Forbes Celebrity 100 with Oprah on top

So, I talk about Kobe Bryant getting a divorce but they pulled that news report. Apparently, his marriage is on the rocks. Hmmmm, let's see how long they will play this game.

Barry Bonds is the New Home Run King!

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