Apple iPhones Selling More

So, who out there has an iPhone?

Ooo, not me!

I did get to try one though, courtesy of my brother. It is really just like the commercial. LOL.

I felt like I was experiencing a whole other world. I know I sound kinda corny but it is the truth. I felt like I was instantly transported to an imaginary future like the one in Minority Report and I had my hand on this one little futuristic gadget. How about, I wanted to run and get me an iPhone. Just as immediately, I was transported back to my reality where I can't afford a darn iPhone. I returned that sucker to my brother with a quickness before sanity left me again and I did something crazy like charge an iPhone I can't afford to a credit card I have no business using.
At any rate, all the features that I played with worked great and the sound quality was fabulous. Since, I am all about adding a little personality and spunk, it would be cool if the phone came in different colors instead of the standard silver. That would definitely put it over the top. However, I have to keep it real on my end. By the time I even think about getting an iPhone, they will be out with something way better because I only recently upgraded to a camera phone and no it cannot play mp3s.

I know there have been reports of problem but my brothers phone was a thing to envy. Which is probably why sales are expected to hit 800,000, better than Apple anticipated.

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On a side note, check out this comment somebody made on this article-
This is a sign of the times that typifies why America is going down the toilet. As millions of Americans are allegedly on the brink of losing their homes, others indulge themselves with high-priced toys.
Posted by:GaDS2000 Aug-22

This had me rolling because it is so true right now. I'm not even going to front though; if I was able to afford it, I would get one.


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