2007 Fall Television: The New Shows

A new fall season is always problematic for me because I have to exercise major discipline. I could easily become a couch potato and engross myself in my favorite shows and event my not so favorites; however, I do have this family to take care of, books to write, and other things to pursue. Therefore, I can't indulge (as much as it pains me) in all these new shows and keep up with my ongoing shows. Nevertheless, there are a lot of new shows that I am really interested in.

AOL has a great fall preview page! Click here to view all the new shows.

I plan to highlight a new one periodically as well as do updates on all of my old favorites. Admittedly, I will have to cut down on some of my watching pleasure. We will see how that goes.

The first highlight is a reality show that I am really excited about. Let it be known, I am not crazy about Hells Kitchen's Chef Ramsay. I think he is crass an rude. With that said, I cannot wait to watch his new show Kitchen Nightmares.

There are several reason this show will be an American hit. It is an English original that I get to watch on the BBC network. It is absolutely fantastic. Ramsay is still rude and all in your face but he does show that he actually has a heart which is nice to see. Secondly, it is restaurant business basics 101. I love that side of it. It amazes me how the restaurant owners have let their business be run so poorly. The interaction with Chef Ramsay, on top of that, is painful but hilarious at the same time. These people know they need to help, desperately, but cannot accept it the way Ramsay dishes it out.

Now imagine taking all that and dealing with Americans. It is going to be off the hook! This is going to be a Fox hit.

Kitchen Nightmares premiers on Fox, Wednesday night on September 19th at 9/8c.


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