So You Think You Can Dance Wraps Up

Tonight is the big night and of course, I can't wait.

So You Think You Can Dance wraps up with the announcement of the winner. I am so excited that it is almost a little sad. Seriously, my friends think that I am a little nuts to be crazy about a television show like this. Here's the thing, I have always loved dancing. I think I could have been a dancer in another life. The choreography, the emotion, the exposure, and the process of creation are so inspiring that it moves me to write better. Let's face it, everything always comes back to writing for me. LOL.

Anyway, here is a quick recap of last nights show:

Sabra- This is my fave chicka; although everyone else is pretty fabulous. I can't believe that she has only been dancing for four years. She is unbelievable.
  • Her solo was great because she had so much energy and just made you happy.
  • Her dance with Neil was not spectacular but I blame that on Shane. His choreography was not all that.
  • Her dance with Lacy, to me, was fantabulous. The judges did not enjoy if but I absolutely loved it and thought that it was different and showcased their talents well.
  • Her dance with Danny. Good golly! That was some hotness. Now, I am biased because I think Danny it fine as all get out even if he may be gay LOL. Although, he did say that he's been admiring Sabra's body all season and now he gets to dance with her. Hmmmm ... interesting. Nevertheless, they were absolutely great together. It really is a shame that they haven't partnered more.

Lacy- She's cute, fabulous, and a sexy little dancing machine. What's not to love about her?
  • Her solo was good and energetic.
  • See above for comments on her dance with Sabra.
  • Her dance with Neil had a lot of energy but didn't bring it. There were a great deal of scary lifts that she handled great though.
  • Her dance with Danny was absolutely beautiful. I have to admit that it was my favorite dance of the night!

Neil- I will admit that I am not that crazy about him and I think he has only a couple of good moves.
  • His solo was blah for me. There just isn't anything more to say about it.
  • His Hip Hop dance with Sabra was way off mark. The judges thought he was stiff and I completely agree.
  • His dance with Lacy was great but I just didn't care for it all that much.
  • His dance with Danny ... I do not really understand why the judges loved it so much. It was my least favorite performance of the night.

Danny- He is definitely my favorite guy. I think I just like them misunderstood. His dancing is phenomenal. The boy is out of this world.
  • His solo probably won him the competition. It was so beautiful and solid, and I don't even know that much about dance. I just know that is solo was on point.
  • I will repeat that his dance with Lacy was beautiful!
  • His dance with Sabra was just hot, hot, hot. I was entertained by it even if it was not technically sound.
  • I could have done without his dance with Neil.

As much as I would love Sabra to win because she is my favorite, Danny really deserves the win. He is beyond phenomenal. I could also see Lacy winning. I think it would be a mistake if Neil won.


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