THe Deep Blue Sea

So, I have a little boy and girl that I read to just about every night. Can I just take this time out to implore you to read to your children if you don't already do. It is never to late to start and they actually love spending the time with you.

Anyway, I have this new book and my son who's the older of the two and can actually understand what I am reading loves it.

Get it as a gift for a freind, family member or yourself. It is great for learning colors. The one thing that I don't like about it is that they use the term "fishies." I am sure that the authors are trying to be cute, but when your kids are learning you don't want to teach them the wrong thing. Since my son can't read yet, I just say "fish" instead of "fishies."

Other than that, Bruce and Audrey Wood have created a great children's book.


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