4400's Kyle is Crazy

Am I the only one watching. I have to admit that it has been a while since I last posted about 4400, but I have been watching. Unfortunately, I do not get to tune in on the night it actually airs, Sunday nights. I record it on my lovely DVR (I love that thing) and watch it later on in the week. If you haven’t been keeping up, let me update you.

I have to start with Kyle. He is a weirdo. I always thought there was something off about that boy and now it has been confirmed. The boy’s power is a girl that no one else can see or talk to but him. Hmmm … that sounds to me like he has issues of a psychotic kind. Anyway, she basically tells him what to do and he doesn’t ask questions about it. It is almost like she is telling him the future but not really. It wouldn’t be so weird if Kyle himself was not such a freaky guy. I cannot be the only one that thinks he looks at people in an odd way like he is trying to cast a spell on them. Couple that with his talk of Jordan being the messiah and he completely loses it for me. So he found a book that was written about 100 years ago that says that God will come down to create heaven on earth after 200 selected people have taken promicin and some other stuff happen. Jordon is supposed to be the one to usher this glorious coming.

First off, Jordan is not Jesus. Secondly, I like the way Kyle and Jordan ignore the fact that 50% of the people who take Promicin are guaranteed to die. I know he is not necessarily and bad guy but there is something about that part of it that just doesn’t seem all together right. Kyle’s ability told him to be at a particular corner, at a particular time and he decides to go. Well, guess what happens. The truck that was transporting poor wittle Isabelle gets into an accident and he basically helps her escape. Together they translate the book (because Isabelle still retained all the information and knowledge she absorbed when she had her powers) and learn of Kyle and Jordan’s role in the coming of God. Eventually, they end up meeting with Jordan.

Okay, I will pause for now and return with more updates.


silkysoul said…
The whole concept of "The 4400" is weird if you think about it. I mean, people from the distant future seeding their own past so that they can "manufacture" their present? That's odd.

Now, Kyle has always been a "loose thread" in the fabric of the show. Is he connected with the future...or not? He's never been as stable as his cousin, Shaun. Kyle is creepy.

The "4400" character that's really grating my nerves is Mya! If she cries and runs for mommy one more time....!!! Ugh!
Anonymous said…
You know what? After this weeks episode, I have to agree with you about Mya. LOL. I am having a hard time understanding what her purpose in now.

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