The Assassination of Lucky Spencer Must Stop!

Let me preface this by commending Greg Vaughn on the wonderful work he does with the character of Lucky Spencer. He brings across what the writers want wonderfully. With that said, I cannot be the only one that is tired of Lucky Spencer and his woes. I refuse to accept that anyone can be sympathetic to what he is going through right now. If you are, I endeavor to change your mind. Why? Well, it is not because I inherently dislike like Lucky. I believe that powers that be (TBTB) in GHland are murdering the fun loving, caring character viewers of General Hospital once adored.

In reality, this slow assassination did not start with his drug habit. For any long term General Hospital fan, Lucky hasn’t been himself since he was “killed” in the apartment fire only to be found years later after being Helena’s captive where he was brainwashed. The person that returned in the role of Lucky Spencer was Jacob Young, not Jonathan Jackson. That was a marvelous choice if the intention was for loyal fans to absolutely despise Lucky.

Elizabeth’s treatment of Lucky notwithstanding, he has been a horrible person to her ever since his return. It was as if Helena stripped Lucky of his Spencer savvy and smarts, replacing them with insecurities and constant self-doubt. He became this person who required constant pandering. Of course, Elizabeth did not help by enabling the behavior because in the end, she always catered to him, forsaking what she really wanted.

However, let me not belabor the far gone past. Just looking at the last year, Lucky has not demonstrated that he should even be called a Spencer. It seems in times of adversity, he cannot handle the pressure. His woe-is-me attitude was a constant cancer that was so affecting, it drove his devoted (at the time) wife to seek help else where in order to boost his ego up. Then he moved on to blatant paranoia where it was not warranted (at the time) by constantly accusing Liz of cheating on him if she sneezed in Patrick Drake’s direction all the while he is sleeping with a teenager and using her to score his pills (not that Maxie Jones was totally blameless).

Fast forward to present day, TBTB have the opportunity to make Lucky deverse his Spencer namesake. Instead they continue to make him look like a fool. Not only is he still in the dark about not being Jake’s biological father, which as a cop he should have had suspicions on something going on long ago but he was too wrapped up in himself to notice how Elizabeth was feeling or what she was up to, but now they are also allowing him to be duped by Samantha McCall!

The thing that is most sickening about it is that it only demonstrates how weak this once thriving character has become. Where is the Spencer love and loyalty? It seems that Lucky never had an ounce of it. Yes, he has found out that Elizabeth slept with Jason and he is hurt. It is understandable how he may doubt her when she assures him that it was only one night. However, it does not warrant him already moving in to get intimate with Samantha McCall only days after finding out about it when he is constantly professing how much he loves his wife. Looking at his past behavior it just seems as though cheating is a part of his DNA. Besides, how much of a numbskull can he be if anyone with half a brain can surmise that Samantha McCall is, in all probability, using him to get back at Elizabeth?

The one thing that Lucky Spencer has definitely mastered is the Spencer’s knack for self-destruction. TBTB, can you please set Lucky free of his blatant incompetence, self pity, weak resolve, and lack of loyalty and give him some true worth. He needs to be his own man and not a shadow of the intriguing character he used to be.


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