NAACP Pleads on Vic's Behalf

So, Micheal Vic has taken a plea deal. It is said that he will enter in his official guilty verdict sometime next week for a lighter sentence. What happens with the NFL remains to be seen. However, the NAACP is beseeching the commissioner on his behalf, saying that public opinion is unusually harsh. In reality, I think it has been Vic's attitude that has made the public hate him so harshly. The situation is of his own doing, he did not show any real remorse, and almost everyone loves dogs. Honestly, I don't feel that bad for him. Still, people have been forgiven for worst.

From NY Daily News on the NAACP helping Vic

Across the country from where White spoke, a top legal voice tried to explain the reaction.

"I've represented murderers and people accused of terrible crimes, but I have not seen vitriol directed at anyone like it has for Vick," Mark Geragos, the famed Los Angeles-based criminal defense attorney, told the Daily News. Among Geragos' clients is Scott Peterson, who was sentenced to death in March, 2005 for killing his wife Laci and their unborn child. "When you talk about pets and animals, it's like a sacred code of America. This (case) is about as close to evil as you can get."

Geragos said Vick and his defense team should be thinking about casting a positive light on the quarterback.


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