Fired for Reviewing the Bootlegged Wolverine

There is a big brouhaha over the leak of the new Wolverine movie. The FBI are involved with an investigation and everyone is up on arms over it. As an author, I can appreciate why bootlegging is bad for business.

There are people out there who will wait to see the movie in the theaters for the full effect. Then there are those that do not care about that and will watch the bootleg version. Well, this Fox columnist probably should have left the bootleg alone. Maybe he wanted to be hip or cool or whatever. I am thinking that he must have been tired of working and was looking for a way to get fired.

How foolish could a person be? He not only watched the bootleg version of a movie put out by his parent company, but he actually posted a review about it. It is almost as though he was condoning it

Whatever your views are on bootlegs this was a dumb move. You do not go on national TV after the bank you worked at was robbed and say that you hope the thief gets away with it. Naturally, he got fired after working there for 10 years. Poor guy.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine: The trailer

Columnist out of a job after review of pirated 'Wolverine'
by Steven Musil Rupert Murdoch apparently wants his employees to know that he does not take piracy lightly--especially when it's one of his movies that is being illegally downloaded. An early review of the new X-Men film lands an entertainment ...


Cosplay Diary said…
Reprimanded, suspended, fired not sure about that.
Me said…
I feel you, but you gotta admit that the guy was a bit foolish.

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