Entertainment News vs Gossip

If you do not already know by now then here it is again: I love everything in entertainment from movies, to books, plays, music, television, dancing and anything else that falls within the creative realm of our abilities. I think the ability to create art is a divine (the ability, not what is necessarily created all the time lol) gift that brings us closer to the image of our maker. I am fascinated by it and thankful that I have a little part in it through my writing. Consequently, my love for what we are able to do prompted me to start Parlez Entertainment six years ago.

With that said, it takes me a while to actually pick what stories of the day I want to blog about. So much of what is out there is just crap gossip. I realize that if I publish every crap gossip story that I see out there, my readership would probably shoot up, and I used to publish a great deal of crap gossip story. I think now my crap tolerance has been duly tested and is quite low. I have no problem blogging about a story that is factual instead of innuendos, guesses, and speculation; however, even stories from reputable news sources get a little crappy. How many ways can we talk about the President’s new dog or the First Lady’s arms or Lindsey Lohan’s latest melt down?

So, how do I pick what to blog about? First, if I can apply it to something we all go through or that I feel strongly about, I will blog about it. I try to verify the information and not use rumors as fact. Then if I really like the artist and I am wishing them well or sympathizing, I will blog about that. If it is a story that will affect the person’s career, I will definitely blog about that because ultimately I (as a consumer) am concerned with the work that the artist will be putting out. If they get thrown in jail for stupidity then they can’t work. If they get into a car accident and break a leg then they cannot jump off buildings for that stunt scene. If they get pregnant then I will have to see them carry bags in front of them or stand behind objects for the rest of the season.

Critics and reviews and recaps are the easy parts of being an entertainment blogger. When it comes to that entertainment “news” though, I attempt to tread softly. Feel free to check me on it because sometimes, I may fall out of line.


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