Shia doesn’t expect to regain full use of hand

Shia LeBeouf busted his hand when he got into an accident a while back. The circumstances surrounding the accident were questionable and LeBeouf’s sobriety was in question. Then when he would not take a breath test, things really got interesting. Turns out that he was not at fault but his driver’s license was suspended because he refused to take the test. Let’s face it, that was smart on his part. I have heard that a person cannot be forced to take a breath test and he/she can refuse. The difference is not everyone can afford to be driven around for a year if our driver’s license gets suspended. Well, I do feel bad for the boy having to have three surgeries on his hand. Obviously, he was able to complete Transformers 2 with a bummed hand, so his movie career is still in tact. Now, that I am glad about because the boy is good in front of a camera. I like his style of acting and he has a nice comedic element to him that works well in his projects so far.

Shia doesn’t expect to regain full use of hand
LOS ANGELES - Shia LaBeouf’s July 2008 car accident left his hand seriously injured and his driver’s license suspended for one year.


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