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This Is What I Signed Up For is a novel about a young couple trying to deal with the pressures that life brings. Thomas is a man trying to be all his mate could ask for and more. Darbye is his partner who thinks the world of him. When Thomas loses his job, he doesn’t know how to tell Darbye. His actions and a conversation she has with her best friend makes Darbye think that Thomas may be cheating on her. While they both try to find out exactly what is going on, they both lose sight of what’s really most important to them…each other. This novel is guaranteed to play to all of your emotions. Remember, every action has a reaction or a consequence we must keep. We reap what we sow, and what we sow is what we reap. The things we sign up for can get really deep.

AUTHOR Biography: Jerald Howard was born in Bartow, Florida and raised in Huger, S.C. He is a graduate of Clemson University and has held many prestigous jobs. Since none of them brought any fulfillment to him, he decided to write. Writing is and has always been his love and his passion. He truly believes that writing is what God put him on this Earth to do. Therefore, with all of his writings, he hopes to help someone. Half of all proceeds from the sales of all his novels go towards the research and development of a cure for breast cancer when you order from his Web site. So you will get a great book, but most importantly you will help save a life. Because writing is his craft, he takes it very seriously. He make this promise to all readers of his work–If you order his book, and you don’t enjoy it, email him at He’ll let you know where you can send the book back for a full refund. He’s sold many a book, and not one has come back yet. With that said, he thanks you for taking an interest in him and his works.

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