I Hate Ciara

Ciara has a new video out, Never Ever, and I am completely hatin' on her.

I did not look that good when I was in high school and ran track. She makes me want to live at the gym, get a personal trainer and everything. Mind you, I hate the gym, but I actually thought about going for about five seconds.

The girl looks beautiful. I love this song and the video is tight too. It's a good way to come out.

By the way, I am throwing my hands up in the air and doing my two step lol.


SRS5668 said…
I agree. She is awesome and very beautiful. But wait until you the see the video with she and Justin Timberlake. You will probably have to slit your wrists! She is very talented and I hope she is around awhile longer.
Me said…
LOL. I caught a glimps of it but I didn't have time to watch it. I ain't ready.

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