Twilight and Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber

I just purchased Twilight by Stephenie Meyers. I have heard that it is a great love story with intensity (high school love can be intense, right) jumping off the pages. I'm sure it helps the angst that Belle is in love with a Vampire. At any rate, I refuse to watch the movie until I have read the book. Since I do not know when I will actually get to the book, I will stick it on my shelf with my growing stack of read-someday-books.

All Twilight

Speaking of ultimate love stories, Elizabeth Webber was actually in a scene with Jason Morgan today. Woot woot. I am a little unnaturally obsessed with this soap couple or non-couple on General Hospital and always have been. I have no idea why and it is a crazy. Regardless, I was so glad to watch them for 2 seconds. I haven't watched General Hospital since they started pimping Jason and Sam again, but I am going to set my DVR for Liason tomorrow.


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