News Roll Call: Solar City, Kanye, Ne-Yo, Heroes

Developers plan first solar city
AP UNDATED -- Developers say they're planning the world's first completely solar-powered city in southwest Florida. Syd Kitson, of the West Palm Beach-based Kitson & Partners, said Thursday that the new city will be powered by a $300 million ...

This is cool because it is not to far from the town I live in. It might even be in the same county. If the project ever truly gets off the ground it will be an interesting thing to see. At this point, it just sounds like something interesting to report and not something that will actually happen.

Kanye's mom's doctor surrenders medical license
Nearly a year and a half after Kanye West lost his mother to heart failure after she underwent plastic surgery, Dr. Jan Adams—the doctor who performed Donda ...

It is a shame someone had to lose her life in oder to stop this guy. Isn't that how it always is though. There has to be so many accidents before they put a stop light at an intersection or so many people have to be seriously hurt before a drug gets recalled. It's in the numbers.

Method Man & Ne-Yo Declare "War" W/ George Lucas
Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man and Ne-Yo have been chosen to star in the upcoming George Lucas film Red Tails centering on the first African-American aerial ...

I am planning to do a little more investigation on this movie when I get the chance, so look out for that in the next couple of weeks ... maybe.

T3’s Top 100: the world’s hottest gadgets
T3: Around this time of year, the office buzzes with talk of the hot kit on the tech horizon. We’ve spent time in Vegas ogling upcoming releases; ...

I love gadgets. Some of the things I am not crazy about using but I would love a kindle and a cool new phone.

‘Heroes’ Nabs Fourth Season, Could Be Tied to Futuristic ‘Day One’
NBC has given Heroes the green light for a fourth season, despite dramatic declines in viewers, ordering 18-20 new episodes of the show. ...

I am almost caught up. I can't wait. I'll be back with my character recap once I get caught up. I will always be a week behind but that is better than months.

youtube orchestra prepares for Carnegie debut
NEW YORK (Reuters) - An international orchestra of some 90 musicians who auditioned on the youtube video-sharing Web site will perform at New York's Carnegie Hall on Wednesday after rehearsing together for three days. Hailing from more than 30 ...

People who wanted to perform in this Carnegie Hall concert audtioned by uploading a Youtube video of themselves playing an instrument. I watched some of the videos and voted on them. Some of the artist were phenomenal. I am partial to string instruments; therefore I spent most of my time listening to pianist, violinist, and such. After a while things started to get redundant because they would pick the same music. Since I am, by far, not a musical professional the mediocre started to all blend together. I hope youtube airs post a video of this concert on line.

Student killed in love triangle involving teacher
CHANDLER, Ariz. - An 18-year-old high school student caught with his 48-year-old math teacher in her bedroom was stabbed to death by her boyfriend, who was himself a former student of hers, police said Tuesday.

This is so crazy on so many levels. What the heck is going on with this woman? Not that I am advocating being a freak but there are so many ways to accomplish this without messing with children more than half her age. Now she has a death on her soul. She better be happy that God forgives because people, not so much.

AT&T Wants to Keep iPhone Exclusivity Until 2011
AT&T wants to remain the exclusive U.S. iPhone provider until 2011 and is pressuring Apple to extend their business arrangement that is set to expire in 2010, according to reports. Apple is tight-lipped about the talks and only will comment it has "a great relationship with AT&T," according to the source of the story, The Wall Street Journal.

Uhhhh, yea. I would be trying to hold on to that iPhone business till the bitter end. I do not know if I would even get an iPhone if they came to Sprint but the option would be nice.


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