Dido's White Flag

I love Dido's music. I got her first album, I think because I heard her song playing on Roswell (there goes that Roswell again). Her voice has this quality that takes me to my "chill mode."
I absolutely think this video is fabulous. David Boreanaz (Buffy fan's, you all remember Angel. Hmmm Yum) is a nice bonus. I still get to see him on Bones (another show I have to watch online because I have not time for my guilty pleasures).

Check out the video and the song. Very nice.


SRS5668 said…
Outstanding! Big Dido fan myself. Good looking out! Yes David is gorgeous! I have the box series of Angel! Woo hoo!
Me said…
How am I not surprised that you have the Angel series. LOL. You like that pic?
SRS5668 said…
Most definitely! You know vamps are my thing! A sexy vamp makes it even sweeter.

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