Ludacris is Dashing Through the Snow

Ludacris is Dashing Through the Snow 

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Dashing Through the Snow was released on Disney+ just in time for the holidays. It stars Ludarcis as the main character, Eddie, and Lil Rel Howery as Nick Sinter Clause. Teyonah Parris and Oscar Nuñez also lend supporting roles in this joyful take on a now-holiday classic theme of dealing with someone who has lost faith in Santa Claus. 

Eddie Garrick lost his faith in Santa Claus as a young boy after his parent split up on Christmas day. Fast forward to his adulthood, he completely hates Christmas and his marriage is on the verge of ending. In comes this person that he thinks is pretending to be Santa to shake up his night and his life. Will Eddie believe again? 

The movie starts off on the right track with a look back at what happened to a young Eddie that seemingly led to his parents' split. I enjoyed the opening scene but got a little skeptical when Ludacris came on. His acting though good is not solid enough for him to carry the movie on his own. However, Lil Rel saved this movie for me. Their chemistry was entertaining and fun. He was a welcomed addition that allowed Ludacris the space to settle into his character. Madison Skye Validum, who played Eddie’s daughter, rounded out the trio as they dealt with the night’s adventures. I find that Oscar Nuñez is always fun to watch on screen for me even when he is not meant to be. The acting otherwise was solid, the storyline wholesome and pleasant, and the pacing was just right.

I hardly ever agree with popular review sites and critics and this holds with this movie because most of the popular review sites gave it a very low rating. I can’t help but wonder if the offense was over having a black Santa because Dashing Through the Snow deserves more than the ratings they were dishing out. For me, Dashing Through the Snow is fit for at-home watching as a nice wholesome movie. Lil Rel was a delight. 

6.75/10 Worth the watch with the family at home.

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