Sometimes the Holidays Hit Different

Sometimes the Holidays Hit Different

A gentle reminder that the feeling of being overwhelmed and frazzled during the holidays just may be normal and a sign of stress. Yes, stress. Holidays can be stressful for so many different reasons. In November the American Psychological Association came out with an article that referenced that about 89% of people polled have holiday concerns related to money, missing loved ones, and thinking about all the drama that sometimes comes with the jolly season. 

We will dive into the article on the podcast but take some time to read or just listen to the podcast. 

Even a joyous holiday season can cause stress for most Americans

Many people experience holiday blues and force themselves to power through it. The battle to keep it jolly and moving is so succinctly captured by my good good girlfriend and baby catcher extraordinaire, Leatrice Gachette on her FaceBook Transparency Tuesday Post. She is phenomenal and out here living her most phenomenal midwiving life and yet the holiday vulnerability she expresses is real and should not be ignored for anyone dealing with similar feelings. 

From Leatrice's FB Post

Transparency Tuesday:
December is here and everything isn't always holly and jolly.
And that's ok.
While I welcome the excitement of the holidays, life didn't become perfect overnight.
Some of the things I'm navigating during this season that don't feel festive:
- Seasonal Affective Disorder ❄ 😥
- Maintaining nutritional goals surrounded by holiday treats 🍪
- Watching genocide in several countries that I am unwillingly helping to fund 🌎 💰
- The covert/overt pressures to partake in mainstream holiday activity that mostly support popular culture/religion while making space to honor what I do for myself culturally and spiritually at the same time 🌃 🌟
- Work deadlines, work stress, and work changes 📋
- Inflation constantly putting a clown nose on my budget 🤡
- Processing progress or the lack thereof in the battles I don't talk about ♟
- The memories of those who have transitioned and experiencing this time of year without them in the physical🕯
So if you are also having moments/days of "blah humbug", know that you are not alone.
And it's okay.
Don't allow the pressures of social media to lead you to believe otherwise.
Make space for all of your feelings.
Savor the moments that feel good and honor the ones that don't.
Because life will always be all of the above.
Sending love, always 😘❤🤗


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