Resilient Hearts a Look Back

Resilient Hearts is an independent documentary that looks back on Haiti and the effects of the 2010 earthquake. It is a very hard watch. I cried all over again but at the same time, I marveled at the strength of the Haitian people. Resilient Hearts is the perfect title for this look back because despite what the country has gone through and what it is still going through they continue to survive and live on and laugh and smile and make the best out of life. There is no better example of how strong the human spirit is than the people of Haiti. 

The state of the country angered me. The way things were mishandled and the way corruption and greed continue to plague this country breaks my heart. I feel that Haiti should have come through like the phoenix after the earthquake, especially with all the donations, times, and resources that were being sent there. Even though the spotlight was on, people still found a way to undermine the people in the dark. Because this was the first enslaved country to liberate itself from colonial rule, they are still paying the price and being made an example. 

Natural disaster withstanding, corruption and greed and a disdain for a beautiful people are the real travesties. This has seeped into the fabric of this nation and it is up to the people to rise up out of it. As much as I am proud and in awe of their ongoing strength, I am equally disappointed by the landscape of government acquiescence to nefarious foreign meddling in ways that do not ultimately benefit the majority of the people. In hindsight, the earthquake is not the worst that has happened to Haiti. Resilient Hearts is a wonderfully heartwrenching watch that gives insight into this. 

Watch below


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