Lori Harvey and Double Standards

I enjoy pop culture like everyone else. I love entertainment news and reviews and things that will affect an artist’s performance or the art landscape but I leave all the gossip to the gossip sites for the most part. Every now and then there is a piece of news that takes my interest. Lori Harvey is the latest hot topic.

The reason she is hot on everyone’s lips because she is dating. God forbid a beautiful 24-year-old model dates. Of course, she is being slut-shamed by men and women alike. The double standard is loud and obnoxious. She is a successful model who is coveted for her beauty by people in her circle and there seems to be some level of jealousy and hate because she moves on leaving behind broken hearts. I think this world is too use to seeing women be heartbroken, particularly black women. Even when Ciara moved on from her heartbreak with Future she received some form of backlash. Granted, Lori Harvey may not be making the best dating decisions but she should not be crucified for figuring her romantic life out or plain and simply enjoying herself. Slut-shaming is overrated. If she were a man, Lori Harvey would not be persecuted as much as she has been. She is doing nothing different than countless girls on college campuses across the country.


In appreciation of this beautiful young lady just out here living her dating life but y'all hating. ##loriharvey ##doublestandards

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Fmyers1920 said…
I just want her to stop being "in love"

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