Wanda’s General Hospital Top Ten for 10/9/06

I love General Hospital. If you don't know, now you know. Sometimes I get a little obsessed. It is that love for drama that I wrote about.

10. The way Carly’s legion of protectors (Milo, Max, Morgan and, the ring leader, Michael) attempted to ruin her dinner with Jax. First Carly was trying to get back at Sonny for making the repairs on her house take so long, then her the “protectors” try to ruin her efforts by making sure that she and Jax do not have a quiet dinner at Sonny’s how. Milo and Max are the funniest.

9. Maxie is delusional. This is only good because it spells doom for Lucky and Liz. Honestly, Liz breaking free from the shackles of Lucky is long over due. Maxie is darn right crazy and she won’t stop until she either had Lucky or he is so ruined that even a dog won’t want to piss on him. Yes, she is pregnant but that doesn’t mean that Lucky will automatically be with her. She is not Elizabeth and he is no Jason.

8. Robin in worry mode. It is safe to say that anyone finding her father beaten to a pulp will worry about his safety. If she could have, Robin would have demanded that her father stop helping Sky so that Lorenzo wouldn’t kill him. Oh, wait, she did. It still didn’t work.

7. Lucky out on a break. The last time I checked, Lucky wasn’t saying at the Marriott. First off, he has a telephone in his room and he has visitors coming through there it were a museum and he was on display. The first day he is in for drug rehab he goes to see his mother. If that’s not enough, he leaves the premises to go off and find his soon-to-be ex-wife so he could tell her that his drug supplier, mistress, who snuck in to see in while in rehab is going to have his baby. Well, now he has double the reason to get sober as if Cameron and Liz weren’t enough.

6. Greg Vaughn as a drugged out Lucky. Although his character is not doing so well, Greg Vaughn is pushing it to the limits. His performance is definitely Emmy worthy.

5. Elizabeth doesn’t fall for the “proposal.” I am a bit old fashion myself, but I love how Elizabeth doesn’t go for Jason’s marital sacrifice. I mean because we have a baby and we get along really aren’t the best reasons to get married when they both love other people. Go Liz.

4. Ric overhearing that Liz is pregnant. This was good because he actually over hears that the father might be Jason or Lucky. Oh my. Can we say drama!

3. Ric telling Elizabeth that he wasn’t eavesdropping. Umm, what is it called when you see someone talking, you do not walk away but instead stop and listen to her whole conversation? That seems a bit like eave dropping.

2. Robin and Jason talking. Oh how nice was it to see these too talking as friends. Robin acknowledging that she messed up with Jason (it was easy to miss) was fast but sweet. They don’t need to get back together but their friendship is nice.

1. Jason in “anger boy” mode. Am I the only one missing Taggart? Anyway, Jason came out of nowhere and had Ric by the throat. How many times is Jason going to handle Ric without snapping his neck? Oh the hate. It is going to be a very good sweeps.

1a. The Jason/Liz/Lucky montage. This was beautiful- the pain, the decisions, the heartache. I am hoping it is not a hint of things to come because I do not want another Jason/Liz/Lucky triangle. We have been there and are mature enough to move on. Nevertheless, the montage was quite fitting for the moment.


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