The Illusionist on DVD

The Illusionist
Starring: Edward Norton, Jessica Biel,
Available on DVD

This movie has been out on DVD for a little bit now. I have skipped over it several times for something else. I have been meaning to watch it but I always found something else that was better, so I thought. Recently someone told me that it was a really good movie and that I should watch it. That is really all that I had to go on.

The film is about a young couple who is pulled, literally, apart because they are from two different social classes. Sophie, played by Jessica Beil, is a future Duchess and Eisenheim, played by Edward Norton, is a poor neighbor. The day they are cruelly split up he leaves, changes his name, and returns later a masterful illusionist.

His show is so spectacular that it attracts the Crown Prince, played by Rufus Sewell. When Eisenhein request a volunteer for one of his demonstrations, the Prince (jerk that he is) volunteers his girlfriend and soon-to-be wife. She is, non other than Eisenhein's childhood love whom he never stopped loving and vice versa. The same issues that faced them years ago face them now, except it is the Prince and not her parents that are keeping them apart.

What happens next? I can’t really tell. Suffice it to say a series of events occur that are driven by greed, arrogance, love and despair. Edward Norton, whom I never thought of as overly attractive except in American History X where he was beefed up, was unbelievably sexified in this movie. Something about a man in control that just turns up the heat. His acting was superb. All the actors were great. Sewell's casting was so on point. His arrogance was palatable. Inspector Uhl, played by Paul Giamatti owned just about every scene he was in. Jessica Beil was gorgeous and definitely believable.

This is definitely a movie to check out. It grossed over six million during opening weekend which is not at all representative of how good the film is. Overall though, it has since grossed 39 plus million dollars. It had great acting, great directing, great pacing, and a great ending.

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silkysoul said…
OK, you must be on the same DVD timetable as me. :) You've told the setup well. Maybe one day, we can discuss the "resolution" in the end. I still was left with a "hunger" regarding a key plot point that was never explained.

Guess that's why it's called "The Illusionist". Magicians don't tell their secrets. :-D

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