Verizon Wireless Releases the Voyager

Crunch Gear has a really good review of the new Verizon Wireless cell phone. My husband cannot wait till he can get his hands on this phone.

LG Voyager reviewCrunchGear, NY - 11 hours agoAs you may recall, I was a bit harsh on the Voyager a while back and I really hate when I have to take things I say back. The Voyager has come a long way ...

"Let’s just get down to the nitty gritty. The VX10000 runs on Verizon’s EV-DO networks so everything is fast, but it can be clunky and video playback was bad. GPS is always a great feature to have, but when it can’t even find you in the airport with full bars that’s a bad sign. I’ll let this one slide since I did test it while waiting in the airport because I know it works outside. The touch screen, while it’s nice and bright and big, can sometimes be unresponsive or just slow. The 2-megapixel camera isn’t that great and it lacks a flash so don’t expect too much from it. Would it kill LG to add Wi-Fi? The Voyager’s predecessors always had great speakers and the VX10000 is no different.

If you’re looking for THE cool phone on Verizon’s network then pick up the Voyager. It’s available today at your local Verizon store. "

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Yasmin said…
Hey soror...I got a Voyager yesterday...early christmas present from far the navigator didn't work and this evening I lost the signal for the internet...the touchpad to unlock the phone is unsteady...hmmm other than those flaws it's a'ight...hopefully they will work out these bugs soon or in 30 days I'm returning this phone for a replacement...and a different brand.
Me said…
Thanks so much for this follow up. I checked it out at the mall and wasn't so so on it. I like the key pad. The touch screen was not as eays as they make it seem. As for the other stuff, thanks for the info.

Happy early Xmas. What a nice hubby :).

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