American Ganger No. 1

'American Gangster' opens with a bang: $46.3M - "American Gangster," featuring Denzel Washington playing the infamous 1960s-'70s Harlem drug lord, exploded into theaters this weekend with a take of $46.3 million - the highest ever for a modern crime movie.
There is so much talk about this movie in regards to the possible C-O-N-spiracy in regards to the very clear bootleg copy that has been circulating weeks before it came out. The theory- it was purposely leaked to negatively affect it's box office receipts. Hmmmm, some nefarious executive wants to loose money instead of making back the millions of dollars put into this film? I don't know about that one. There have been several movies that have had bootlegged copies leaked out weeks before. Now, I have to say that this copy ... not that I have one LOL ... is unbelievably clean. There is no doubt that the amount of bootleg copies affected the opening weekend.

I did get a chance to watch the movie and I would give it a strong B+. Here is the thing, if you have watched one gangster movie, then you've seen this one. Of course, the others did not have Denzel knocking it out the park. The acting on all parts (Crowe, Gooding Jr., Common, RZA, TI, Elba and etc.) was very well done. Aside from Denzel, there was nothing spectacular about the movie as far as drug lord movies go. Simply, It was a pretty good movie and worth the time to visit a theater.

I have to say, that it does make me want to watch Hoodlum again though.


satindoll said…
I saw the movie, but you should also check out which talks about the lies that Lucas told in regard to his relationship to legendary Harlem gangster, Bumpy Johnson.
Me said…
You know what? I did hear about that. Bumpy's wife, I think, is saying how he did not die in Lucas' arms and how we was not really his confident. I will definitely check these sites out though. Thanks.

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