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Yahoo, Sony BMG Team Up For User-Generated Content InformationWeek - The deal allows Yahoo to distribute Sony BMG content through applications and widgets that the portal's users can embed in their own Web sites.

As a web publisher this would be fantastic. On Youtube Sony has disabled the ability to embed any of its videos. I guess its are working out a deal that would allow it to make more money, the greedy bastards. The last time I checked the whole point of videos was to promote the artist. Does a price tag have to be attached to everything (completely rhetorical considering we are steeped in the heart of capitalism)? Wouldn’t my embedded the video on my site just help in spreading the artist popularity? Dirty greedy dogs.

Still, like a crack fiend, I am anxiously waiting until I can embed their videos to my site. It is always better from the source or else I have to keep checking back to ensure the “illegal” video has not been removed. Now that is a pain in the rear.

Firefox 3 Beta 1 Arrives in Fighting ShapeWired News - By Scott Gilbertson- Firefox 3 Beta 1 includes dozens of security enhancements, like this panel full of information that helps determine the legitimacy of the site you're visiting.

Why use Mozilla’s Firefox at all? Well, it is faster. It has some neat features and less susceptible to spy ware and viruses. My only problem is that I am programmed to use Explorer for my web browsing when Firefox is a little better for me because of the increased speed. By the time I realize I should be using Firefox, I am too lazy to switch over. Still, I am looking forwards to testing out the latest version of Firefox.

Dr. Adams -- Donda OD? I Dunno - When she left his office, Dr. Jan Adams says that Donda West was suffering "no problems whatsoever" -- but he does have his theories about what might have caused her death.

Yea, he has the nerves to hint that it might have been a drug over dose. Why would he even come out of his face and say that without knowing all the facts himself. If I were the West family, I would want a muzzle placed on his mouth.

This dude was on Larry King Live on Tuesday, November 20th and made a complete spectacle of himself. He goes on the show, is all set up with a microphone, sits his big-head butt down, and immediately says that he cannot be on the show. He is trying to honor the West’s family wishes, and they have requested that he refrain from discussing Donda (Ya think?). Then the dude starts messing with the mic in an attempt to quickly leave the set. What a dope!

This was totally some type of PR stunt. I am sure he knew way before his butt sat in the make-up chair and got his microphone attached to his clothes that the West family requested his silence. So why go on the show at all. Seriously, how could this guy have even had a television show? Can we say background check.

Quaid Seeks "Prayers" for Ailing BabiesE! Online - Natalie Finn Amid reports that his newborn twins are seriously ill, the actor and his wife released a statement Tuesday thanking fans for their support.

Usually, this would not even be something I would put on here, but it is really sad case of hospital error that put the lives of these twins in jeopardy in the first place. I cannot imagine that one minute my babies are essentially in good health and the next they could be facing death because someone stored a bottle in the wrong place and someone else did not bother to check the dosage before giving my newborn babies the medication that was supposed to help them. This is a tragedy for any family and I sincerely hope that the twins make it through the ordeal in good health.

Jennie Garth Expelled from DancingE! Online - Natalie Finn -The "Paper Roses" singer will join Helio Castroneves and Melanie Brown in next week's Dancing with the Stars finale, meaning Beverly Hills 90210 alum Jennie Garth doesn't get to graduate with the rest of her class.

I do not watch DWTS. However I thought someone might care that Jennie Garth got the boot last night. Mel B., Marie Osmond, and the car racing dude are left to dance it out.

Ne-Yo Kicked Off R. Kelly's Double Up TourAllHipHop - 7 hours ago“This announcement really came out of nowhere,” Ne-Yo’s tour DJ Mars told “We found this out late Monday night as we were preparing to rejoin …

Hmmmm, could it be that Ne-Yo was upstaging Kells and he got the boot? Of course that is total speculation on my part because I have not heard anything about either of their performances. All I know is that Kells has a track record. He sure did not like when Jay-Z was stealing his thunder on the Best of Both Worlds tour. Supposedly, Ne-Yo is off due to some contractual issue. Apparently, that was news to Ne-Yo. Oh, well. The show must go on.

Chemical in Marijuana Fights Breast CancereFluxMedia - 17 hours agoby Alice Turner A chemical without psychoactive properties found in Cannabis sativa appears to have very good results in fighting the spread of cancer cells.

Light it up people! I can smoke a joint and prevent breast cancer all at the same time. Now we’re talking. But for real, I can’t. I don’t do drugs and it would not make that much of a difference. You can’t smoke enough pot to inject enough of the chemical. It has to be extracted from the plant. Hey, this is another argument for the use of medicinal Mary Jane though, and I am all for utilizing it for medicinal purposed like any other drug.


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