Forget iPod, I want to Zune

Let's face it, Zune is the ugly step sister to the iPod. I know this. The first generation Zune to come out was this boxy, ugly brown thing. Based off the design alone, I was not feeling it. Why now do I want Zune over, consumer favorite, iPod? Well, they have come out with several new versions that are more colorful and new capabilities. Although I love new technology, I am not a techy; therefore, I like to keep it simple. Zune offers simplicity, but if I want to take it further I can. It is Wi-Fi capable which is cool for downloading music anywhere. It now has touch screen and you can still use the pad. I have different size options from a sleek 4 GB to 8 to 30 to 80. Lastly, and definitely most compelling is that I can be cool at a reasonable price. Zune ranges from $130.00 to $300.00 unlike its nemesis which ranges from $150.00 to $500.00.

Or the iPod


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