Weekend Box Office

1 Beowulf -See below
Weekend- $28,100,000
Total- $28,100,000

2 Bee Movie
Weekend- $14,300,000
Total- $93,862,000

I did not find this that funny. It was just okay to me.

3 American Gangster
Weekend- $13,218,000
Total- $100,993,000
American Gangster No. 1

4 Fred Claus
Weekend- $12,000,000
Total- $35,799,000

I love Vince Vaughn but the critics didn't. Well, it is a good thing his fans dig it.

5 Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Weekend- $10,025,000
Total- $10,025,000

6 Dan in Real Life
Weekend- $4,511,000
Total- $37,099,000

7 No Country for Old Men
Weekend- $3,098,000
Total- $4,930,000

8 Lions for Lambs
Weekend- $2,904,000
Total- $11,591,000

You already know my thoughts. Lions for Lambs

9 Saw IV
Weekend- $2,330,000
Total- $61,848,000

10 Love in the Time of Cholera
Weekend- $1,915,000
Total- $1,915,000

"Beowulf" slays bees at weekend box office LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The medieval battlefield epic "Beowulf" ushered in a new age at North American movie theaters, opening at No.

I am sure this was a good movie. I just have a problem with the CG affect and actors that I know. It just bugs me. I haven't been able to watch a full CG movie that has real actors yet. I have no problems with a cartoon but CG somehow turns me off. It obviously did not bother too many people with over 28 million in the first week.

Happily ever after for 'Enchanted' premiereHollywood Reporter - It was one "Enchanted" evening Saturday night as Disney unveiled its genre-melding movie "Enchanted" at the El Capitan Theatre, closing down Hollywood Boulevard in the process.

I really want to see this. It looks so silly but mostly, Amy Adams is going to crack me up. I loved her in Wedding Crashers and look forward to seeing her in Enchanted.


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