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Keys Well Ahead Of Dion In Race For No. 1Billboard, NY - Alicia Keys is poised to earn her fourth consecutive No. 1 on The Billboard 200 as her new J album, "As I Am," is tops on Nielsen soundscan's Building Chart ...

I brought the album and love it. A full review is on its way.

stds On the Rise in the US After Years of DeclineMedPage Today - Reported chlamydia cases in the US topped one million in 2006, and diagnoses of gonorrhea and syphilis rose as well, CDC surveillance experts reported.

Simpson will stand trial againLos Angeles Times - JUDGE'S RULING: After four days of testimony at a preliminary hearing, Justice Bonaventure determines that prosecutors had enough evidence to try Simpson, 60, and two other men on multiple counts, including kidnapping, in connection with the Sept.

This fool is going to jail. He got away once, he will not get away again. Listen to the radio and television personalities. It is like they are polishing their guns for a big hunt. If he gets away this time around, there will be a modern day hunt and lynch. Maybe the guilt has been eating him up and he has been trying to get himself in trouble.

Kanye Steps Out of Fashion; Doc's Ex Had Restraining OrderE! Online - It's no secret that Kanye West is distraught over his mother's sudden death last weekend. Citing personal circumstances, the hip-hop star has canceled his scheduled performance at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Thursday, ...

As much as his whining annoys me, this is definitely understandable. I wonder if there was even a background check done on this whack job.

"Mr. Magorium" strains to be Wonder-fulReuters Canada - One of the central characters in "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" longs to achieve the "sparkle" that shows she's inspired and expressing her highest potential.

Am I the only adult that wants to see this movie?

'Grey's Anatomy' star Ellen Pompeo gets marriedNew York Daily News - It was a mcdreamy wedding for "Grey's Anatomy" star Ellen Pompeo, who quietly got hitched in City Hall last week - with Mayor Bloomberg as a witness.

Scientists Clone First MonkeyVoice of America - US scientists have cloned a monkey, using the resulting embryos to grow valuable stem cells. The development is the first time a primate embryo has been created, leading experts to speculate that it's a matter of time before human ...
There are so many questions that come to mind with this.


silkysoul said…
Don't they say that chimpanzies and humans share 98% of the same DNA? If scientitists have cloned monkeys....hhhhmmmmm?!?!? Those "odd" sci-fi movies where the president's clone is isolated in some lab waiting for the right moment for a coup isn't that far fetched anymore. Scary.
Me said…
Hmmm, considering our current presidential sitation I'm thinking it might have appened already. Pod Bush is running things.

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