Stress Less Tip 13: Back to Basics

 I find that I have to get my life together on a regular basis. In any given moment, I feel like life is out of whack. It can be the slightest thing that throws me off too. I have often written about feeling as though I am going through the motions, not really connecting with my life’s purpose. Sure, I am able to hold down a nice job and maintain friendships and get my kids off to school clean and clothed which are all great but I do not find myself being fulfilled by doing the regular stuff that we should do. If anything, I find there are so many more things that I can do with my life. Who are these organized people that have clean homes, laundry folded, kids that are doing great in school, and full home-cooked meals?

Who are these people that do not find themselves staring at a screen for hours on end just wasting time on foolishness? I want to know their secret because I am failing at life. By the way, I have a flair for the dramatics. I, of course, am not failing at life. Some may say, I am kicking butt. If that were enough for me, I would be satisfied and I honestly do not believe I would be where I am today.

Nevertheless, back to getting my life together. Back to getting myself on track toward fulfilling my life’s purpose, whatever it may be this week. Back to saving the world one step at a time. My suggestion and what I find works for me every time, is getting back to basics. My basics are writing and writing and writing some more. This is my gift. I am not saying I am gifted at it. This is just the thing that I love to do and brings me joy. This is the thing that transports me to a feel-good place because I personally think I rock at it and if no one ever reads my stuff, it will not change the fact that I KNOW I rock at it. Writing is my fountain of youth. It is the place that I can retreat to and get lost in and be perfectly happy there. Ironically, it is where I feel most confident. I say ironically because it can also be the source of soul-crushing doubt (if you are a writer you will understand) because that is the process, a back and forth tug-o-war with YOU ARE SO FREAKING AWESOME and rewrite this crap it sucks. Regardless, this is the place I come to let go and let God and let joy.

What is your happy place? What is your basic? If you do not yet know, then we have to figure it out. Figure it out and use it to help with your stress, self-esteem, and feeling of fulfillment. You have to figure it out so that it may be your anchor when there is nothing else. So that when you are lost, it may be your beacon. I believe we are all given this place where through creative inspiration you fall into a zone and feel the divine because this space is just for you. If you are fortunate enough to know what it is, engage. If you are not, have fun exploring and figuring it out. When you do, remember it is your basic. It is where you can always go back to.


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