Matrix Resurrections

Matrix Ressurections

Matrix Ressurections is out in theaters and available on HBO max. Can we just start off by saying, we all know that it should not have been resurrected in the first place? They very much could have left well enough alone. As a huge fan of the original Matrix movies, I was skeptical at best. I watched only one trailer, one time and purposely ignored everything else. I did not want to be tainted. After going to the theaters to see the movie, I peeked at some reviews and of course, allowed myself to see different social media comments. So here goes my review.


Lower your expectations and watch it for shits and giggles and some nostalgia. 

Did I already mention that this resurrection did not need to happen? I did. Okay good. 

The beginning was fire.

Johnathan Groff was fire. 

Concept is fire.

More action is needed 

Some fight scenes were a little sluggish. 

Moral of the story is gut-punching. 

Spoilers ahead.

The beginning was fire. Mind you, I was really curious about how they were going to bring this thing back and make it interesting. I think the take Lana implemented was ingenious considering how entrenched we are now with technology, particularly our phones and the gaming world. It starts off with a replica of the first Matrix when Trinity was in the building and the non-agent cops were going after her. We see Bugs, who I really liked, in the background of the scene confused about what is happening. 

I don’t think I fully understood that it was actually a game until they cut to  Neo in his office as a stuck in the rut game creator. Then it all comes together. At this point, there are a lot of questions though right? Like how the heck is he even alive. How is Trinity now known as Tiffany alive because the last I remember, she was definitely dead dead. 

What I did know was that no one who was in this made-up, crisp little world that they had Neo been stuck in could be trusted. It was painfully obvious that he was being kept prisoner in the Matrix once again and waiting to be rescued. This seemed designed to be that way in order to build some tension and expectations. I think the timing of the attempted rescue was just right. Remember in Matrix, the first attempt also failed because both times Mr. Anderson was so plugged into the matrix that he was skeptical about the real reality. It was interesting that Bugs first had to rescue the new Morpheus before rescuing Neo because if we remember from the trilogy, a pivotal moment in Neo becoming the one, was the rescuing of Morpheus first. Prior to that, he could not be convinced that he was Neo. Another full-circle moment. 

I rather liked Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Morpheus. I just don’t know if I liked the new Morpheus so much. I liked that they addressed him trying to acclimate to being Morpheus once he realized that he was pulled out of the game, and appreciate that they attempted to explain the idiosyncrasies of his character which did not exist prior. Nevertheless, he was committed to helping Neo like his predecessor. 

The concept of this installment was very well thought out but could have been executed better. The previous installments touched on how humans and technology were reliant on each other but still remained separate and divided. In Resurrections, the lines were blurred even more as machines now have defected from the machine city to join the Humans in more numbers than expected. This was a natural progression given how the Oracle worked to intervene and bring about peace. 

What was missing in the execution are more action sequences, harder choreography on the fight scenes, and less predictability. I wasn’t so sure about the analyst role but I knew he was important. Neil Patrick Harris’ acting was solid as usual. 

Can we talk about Jonatha Groff though! I may be biased because I so loved him in Hamlin. However, he ate this role all the way up. Once he was finally released from the role he was assigned in the matrix, he was exceptional in bringing Mr. Smith back. I could have done without the back and forth scenes to the original Matrix though. That came off as trying too hard because if fans did not remember (which true fans most likely did) it would have been a nice way to tickle their memories, having them go back to watch the previous takes ourselves. 

There is so much more I have to say but you will have to listen to the podcast version. I will end with what I go out of this movie- complacency is a bitch. This all happened because humans became complacent and the machines never did. Do not let complacency hold you back from living. 

Check out the podcast for my full breakdown. 


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