Final Destination 5

 Final Destination 5

Final Destination 5, yes they made five of these movies, is now airing on Netflix. Reminder, I no longer like watching scary movies. My heightened anxiety levels can no longer take the suspense, and anticipation of waiting on gruesome deaths. When I was much younger, I used to live for scary movies. I watched all of them and tortured my friends, at times, because I picked really bad ones to watch. Now, I tolerate them when my daughter wants to watch. Mind you, she has to do a lot of pleading to even get me to sit through a scary movie these days.  

I wanted to watch Final Destination 5 though because of my history with the franchise. I remember watching the first and second films many many years ago. I barely remember the third and fourth installments, but recently watched them before watching the latest one. I actually like them all. I tend to adjust my expectations to what I am watching. I was not expecting some thought-provoking, allegorical masterpiece. They are fun watches to get the blood flowing not the mind thinking.

The deaths were pretty gruesome and without any attempt at being realistic whatsoever. The acting wasn’t terrible and the typical set of characters played their roles well- the outcast, the popular guy, the unreasonable one, etc. I always enjoy seeing Tony Todd, for some strange reason, even though I always find him creepy. No shade to Yaha Abdul-Mateen but Todd will always be Candyman to me. 

Final Destination 5 does try to keep the viewer on toes with some twists and turns. The ending made me want to go back and watch the whole thing all over again which I actually plan to do. All in all, it wasn’t terrible. I actually found it a little fun to watch, mainly because I was watching with my girlfriend and we were adding our colorful commentary. My rating is based on it being what it is- a cheesy scary movie with gory killings. 

Final Destination 5: C

Lesson Learned: Life is always worth fighting for. 

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