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 Don’t Look Up Review

Don’t Look Up is starring so many A-list actors that it is ridiculous all these people are in one movie. What kind of deal did Netflix offer them. I cannot help but wonder if they signed up to do this movie for peanuts and a coke? Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Timothe Chalamet, Meryl “freaking” Streep, Kid Cudi, Tyler Perry, Jonah Hill, and Cate Blanchett, just to name some of the heavy hitters, that have joined the cast to round out this satirical take on an extinction-level natural disaster. I would have loved to see a Viola Davis, Taraji P. Henson, Angela Bassette, Regina King, or any one of the numerous Black female actors to even make a cameo but alas there was not a drop of Black girl magic. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this spin on a disaster, end-of-the-world movie. 

I am probably a little biased because I love satire, and I love disaster movies. Something about the brink of destruction and humans fighting to survive really makes for good programming. However, if you are looking to watch a traditional take on disaster movies, keep on scrolling. Do not even add this to your watch list because you will be very disappointed. On the other hand, if you enjoy a quirky, satirical take on disasters you may like this.  

It was not laugh-out-loud funny at all, but it was tickle your brain funny. It reminded me of a low-key Mars Attacks. Mars Attacks was a satire on steroids and Don’t Look Up is on a really good grade of weed. The acting was on point. The writing, in my humble opinion, is phenomenal. It subtly takes shots at our current state of affairs and really does not leave any group safe. 

I definitely recommend watching this but you have to adjust your expectations. It is not remotely like Deep Impact or Armageddon or, even most recently, Greenland. Side note, a review of Greenland is also coming up. It is about an earth-killing comet that will make a direct impact that was discovered by two low-level scientists who genuinely want to save the world. 

I do give it a solid B+ only because there were some slow parts that we probably could have done without. 


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