Wyclef for President!: Five reasons why he shouldn't

By now the word is out. Wyclef Jean, the Grammy award winning musician, is putting his bid in to run for President of Haiti.

Really? Why? In truth there seem to be more reasons why he should not as opposed to why he should run for the Haitian Presidency. First of all, I empathize with him that he loves his country and wants to do more. That is a wonderful thing and I commend him for his efforts thus far. Contrary to the negativity that has been spread about him, Wyclef has been connected to and helping Haiti for many years now.

However, at this point in time, to put his bid in for the presidency of Haiti is a disservice to not only the country but the youth that he says he is trying to motivate. There are five reasons why he should NOT run for president.

  1. He has no real experience. I am not only talking about being a "politician" as Wyclef Jean mentioned on CNN. Sure he lends a hand during crisis situations but being president of Haiti is not a in-the-moment crisis situation. It is long term and encompasses not just one awful situation but a whole host of awful situations that must be dealt with. 
  2. He has no education, political, business or otherwise. This slows him down because he will need a learning curve. There is no time for that when the country needs someone to jump in and hit the ground running.
  3. He has dealt with the country always on good terms as a performer, doing good deeds. As president of Haiti he will face negative opposition. He will have to make decision that not everyone is going to be fond of. He will face unknown danger that poses a different dynamic than he is used to.
  4. He will be limited by what he can do. As president of Haiti there will be many things that he would not be able to do as a popular loving musician that may come and go as he pleases. 
  5. He should use his power, status, and goodwill with the people of Haiti to back and campaign for a candidate that is better equipped mentally, educationally, and professionally to handle the job. That way, Wyclef Jean can contribute to his country but still be free to promote and participate in interceding activities throughout the global community.
  6. BONUS: He was not convincing enough on Larry King Live.
Never the less I commend him for what he is trying to do. His music is pretty hot too.

Wyclef Jean Musician


Wanda LiteVi said…
Also his running with lack of experience is, in my opinion, making a mockery of the already fragile democracy.

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