All I Want

All I Want

    She sat quietly at the corner table, waiting. As she waited those few moments, she thought that she should escape now, run away as fast as her graceful legs could taker her. She should be anyplace in the world but this luxurious hotel room. Instead of running though, she stayed, still, silent and sanguine.
    This was dangerous. He was dangerous. He was all wrong. They had been over this one too many times, but she could not help wanting to feel his rough hands on her delicate skin again, and again. She wanted to taste him for this one last time. So she waited. She waited and watched as he came into the room, damp from the light drizzle outside. He smiled shyly at her. It was the same cunning smile that had ensnared her soul so many years ago. She did not care though.
    For just this one moment she did not care about the lies that had separated them. For just this one minute she wanted to discard the pain and hurt for something right-now, something real. She wanted him to touch her and hold her and move inside of her as if nothing or no one else mattered in the world. So, instead of running, she waited and watched as he walked over to her, reached out to her and touched her. He stared into her eyes as his moist hand caressed her face.
    “I’ve missed you,” he said.
    She did not answer. Instead she stood up to him and wrapped her arms around his waste, pulling him in, closer. She inhaled, absorbing everything about him as she pressed her lips to his neck, then his face, tiptoeing to his eyes. She moved her hands and pulled his head closer to her, kissing him deeply. She did not wait for his acquiescence; she could not wait.
    He gave in immediately, pulling her closer, lifting her to the bed. For a moment, she felt as though she were floating and thought, Yes, this is what it should be like. This is living. She dropped to the bed like a feather. Her robe fell away. The cold air felt searing against her hot skin. She pulled him closer, wanting to share her heat. They pulled away at his clothes, discarding layers of wet fabric.
    As the last of the barrier between them slipped away, she sighed in pure pleasure as the touch of him caressed her thigh. Her body arched in response. He was still cool to the touch and she luxuriated in warming him. Wrapping her legs around him, she pressed them together and rolled over him.
    He held her there with his hands cupping her face, and then asked, “Are you sure?”
    She could barely speak but manage to breathe out, “All I want is you.”
    He smiled that damning smile, and with smooth strength turned her over to enter her. He muffled her cry with his lips as she arched and pulled him towards her. She wanted all of him, leaving nothing to spare. The time slipped into nothingness and they with it. With disregard for everything in the world they made ferocious love until exhaustion rendered them useless. Then, at twilight, she slipped out of the bed, got herself dressed and walked out, leaving him behind- for good this time.



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