Recovery Sleep!: Five tips to falling fast asleep.

So after waking up this morning on only two hours of sleep, I was elated to see an article talking about "recovery sleep." Now that's what I am talking about. I believe, I am about to engage in some recover sleep tonight. Basically, the article mentions a recent research done on people making up sleeping hours.

Okay, let us be honest. I do not believe they needed to spend research dollars on this. Ever heard of college students. The bottom line of the article (go to LiteVi Facebook to read it) is to avoid the need for recover sleep in the first place. Now that sounds like a good idea.

So here are my tips for getting a good nights sleep. Well, it works for my kids.
  1. Strict bed time
  2. Have a relaxing bedtime routine. I figure if it works wonders for my kids why not me. Although mine will include a bottle of wine.
  3. Take a nice soothing shower bath or whatever and put on your favorite jammies.
  4. Remove the clutter on the bed.
  5. Oh no food before bedtime and empty that bladder.
Golden bedtime rules :).


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