Another Case of the N-word courtesy of Dr. Laura Schlessinger

On August 10th, Dr. Laura Schlessinger was having a conversation with a listener in which she was not at all empathetic to the woman’s problem and even added fuel to the fire by doing the exact thing that the woman was calling in about. The woman had a problem with her Caucasian husband’s racial insensitivity and his using the N-word. Dr. Laura in her infinite, narcissistic wisdom attempted to make a point which included her repeatedly using the N-word.

I get what Dr. Laura was trying to do. She did not understand why some black people could say the word and white people could not … blah blah blah. Where Dr. Laura was wrong and where she usually is wrong is not being sensitive to her caller. Of course, there was a back lash and now she is quitting her show on the basis of freedom of speech. Really?

Racism and racial epithets of any kind are wrong! Any person of any racial heritage would be offended if a derogatory slang is used to refer to them. So please stop with the, “Black people are just too sensitive” and “it is just a word” talk. Everyone is sensitive when an attempt is made to demean them in any way. I would like to see how things would have went if the caller was a white woman, talking about her husband calling her a bi&*% and Dr. Laura said those same things about that (which would have been correct and applicable).

Now, here is what I love that happens- white people come out and say that they do not understand what the big deal is. Of course they do not. One would have to take time to understand African American culture and coping mechanisms as well as what institutionalized racism is and how that affected African Americans for many many years and even still today. Who wants to take time to truly understand that? Let’s face it; even most Black people do not really understand it.

So because most white people do not understand African American culture and the history of racism, they come out and say that the world is different (which it is in many areas). They say that we have a Black president and racism does not exist anymore. Then (and this is where it gets really good) they say things like black people are always using the race card for their failures. Black people always talk about race since they can’t get off their lazy asses and do something. Black people can’t get ahead so they use the racism as a crutch. They are so sick and tired of the double standard because the world is so equal now. They are sick of Black people using racism to justify their inadequacies.

Well, since we Black folk are so completely and inherently incompetent and cannot get off our lazy behinds to do anything worth living for, I think I should be grateful to the race card. Since I as a Black person cannot possibly get ahead utilizing the tools afforded to me by my extremely hard working immigrant mother, I guess I better emboss my race card in gold because it is the only thing that is keeping me alive.


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