Live Your Best Life Regardless

Live your best life regardless of what other people say about you because the haters are going to hate anyway. -Wanda Toby

People-pleasing will definitely have you on the path to a stress-filled life. There is no way to do it. The reality is we are living in a time in which social media allows everyone to have an opinion or a peek into our lives. Granted, you can somewhat control how much access you allow. However, there are times when that may completely be out of your control as people are quick to pull out their video cameras and record all types of situations. This of course has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, everyone has an opinion these days. 

Living one’s life to please all these opinionated people will leave someone frustrated and feeling like nothing they do is right. Even within our own small circle, we cannot make everyone happy. Step back and take stock of what is really important to you; take a look at who is really important to you and how can you affect change that will make you happy. You are the one you need to please. 

Go about your business. Live your life the best way you know how. Are people watching? Most likely. Let them watch and wonder. Let the spectators say what they want but do not internalize the negative energy of their words. I am not talking about getting constructive criticism or feedback because we also have to be open to receive, but I am talking about people who do not have good intentions towards you. Sometimes someone may be out to hurt you because of their own personal triggers and you have no idea why you are the target. The only thing you can do, if they are a loved one, is try to understand where they are coming from and assess what your part in it was. However, sometimes it is genuinely all that person’s issue and there is nothing you can do about it. This is never more true when dealing with people who are not in your close family and friends circle. 

We cannot live for other people. I cannot live for other people. I am too busy trying to keep my life together. Therefore I will live my best life the best way I know how and let the haters continue to go low while I fly high on life.


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